Carol Normandin is endorsed by past and present School Board members, educators, community leaders, and countless Laguna Beach school district parents and supporters.

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California School Employees Association
Larry & Stephanie Abrahams
Cathy Ackley
Kate & Rob Adams
Peter & Janeen Afrasiabi
“Contagious enthusiasm, incredibly giving and caring. A tour de force in getting stuff done. She is humble, smart, creative and all about integrity. I trust Carol completely.”
– Carl Winefordner
Cindy Airey
Bolette Albertsen
John Albritton
Terrell Anansi
Frank & Krista Arellano
Gary & Lisa Arthur
Jennifer & Steve Baker
Marie & Josh Bammer
“Carol connects people. When we first moved to Laguna Beach two years ago, Carol consistently shared her knowledge regarding the school system and supporting programs with us. We are thankful to have three boys ages 5, 8 and 10 receiving the benefits of this amazing school district. Carol is smart, warm-hearted and a true networker who works hard to make good things happen.”
– Krista Arellano
Jon Barber
Peter  & Marian Barker
Marri & John Barton
Randi & Ryan Beckley
Dr. Cliff Bernstein & Shinee Bernstein
Maria Bianchi
“Carol cares about our children, the teachers, and our community.”
– Patti Rabun
Winter & John Bonnin
Jeff & Melissa Booth
Willis & Kelly Boyd
Lisa & David Burchi
Kendal & Charles Burton
Tim & Lyn Carlyle
Mary & Chad Carter
“As parents, our greatest concerns are the care, safety, and development of our children. I have complete confidence that Carol is the person to steward our children’s education. With Carol’s candidacy, the above-mentioned concerns just received some serious support.”
– Willis & Kelly Boyd
Mitchellene Channels
Lisa Kaplan Childers
Lisa & Gordon Clute
John Colladay
Anne Cox & Niclas Kruger
Jim & Joyce Cushing
Martha & Tom Davis
Amy Dechary
“She weighs all points of view before making a decision, and that keeps her very balanced”
– Bill Steel
Pascal Demilly
Shelley Detweiler
Sarah & Rob Durand
Jill & Steve Edwards
Sam & Vanessa Eidt
Suzy & Jeff Elghanayan
Liese Farless
Mary Fegraus
“Carol, I believe in who you are, your talent and your passion and purpose.”
– Gary Arthur
Mary & Joe Ferguson
Diana Fisher
Dr. Jaime Flowers
Krista Freeman
Christine Fugate
“As a retired public school teacher and local Laguna Beach tutor, I have a dual perspective, that of our schools and of our families. Knowing Carol as a mother and concerned parent, I can heartily say that her passion and dedication to education is astounding. Carol puts her intelligence, curiosity, and problem solving skills into everything she does.”
– Judy Varga
Ryan & Tiffani Ghere
Cary & Nancy Glenn
Derek Gray
Tammy Green & Lana Green Duval
Kristen Weaver-Greengard & Ken Greengard
Ed & Anne Hackett
El & Lori Hathaway
Charlie & Brandi Hawkins
Penny Herrick-Dressler
Tom Hinmon
Maria & Bill Hoffman
“Carol so impressed me at the candidates forum with her knowledge and dedication to making the Laguna Beach School system as good as it can be. She has certainly dug in and done a lot of homework. She has my vote!”
– Trudy Josephson
Jennifer Horsman
Fouad Houalla
Ellen & Greg Hurley
Cary Hyden
Paul & Anna Jablon
Brett Jarvis
Betsy & Gary Jenkins
Anne Johnson
“I had the good fortune to work with Carol when I was President of Laguna Beach’s SchoolPower. She always brought her “A” game. She was and is a tireless supporter of kids and education. We counted on her to tackle the tougher fundraising challenges for which she volunteered with great passion and energy. Carol would be a tremendous asset to the school board in LB.”
– Tom Koch
Jim Jones
Trudy Josephson
Emilie & Brian Judd
Phil Kaplan
Diana Kersten
“Intelligent, community oriented, a natural giver, common sense and an excellent communicator.”
– Peter Kote
Lynee M. Kniss
Tom Koch
Peter Kote
Cathy & David Krinsky
“On paper alone, Carol is by far one of the most qualified candidates running. But it’s the intangibles that set her apart: personality, integrity, accountability.”
– Jeff Tyler
David LaMontagne
Andrew Landseidel
Cindy & Bill Landseidel
“I’m always so impressed with how deeply Carol cares for education! As a teacher, I could talk shop with her for hours! So supportive, passionate and very knowledgeable about education, she wants the very best for our students.”
– Carl Nelson
Joe Lauderdale
Jen & Keith Leggett
Mike & Lori Levine
Marie Lortal
Jim & Betsy Mackel
“Carol has always been devoted to supporting our school District. She’s always one of the first volunteers to show up, yet she’s one of the last to leave!”
– Mitchellene Channels
Christy Madigan
Wendy & Brent Martini
Karen & Jim McBride
Lisa McCarroll
Steve & Vicki McIntosh
Laurel & Tripp Meister
“Carol is a caring and devoted person. She will be a great asset to our community as a School Board member.”
– Wendy Meyer
Carl & Jennifer Meiswinkel
Wendy & Paul Meyer
Robb Mitchell
Sheri & Mike Morgan
“Carol is a candidate with children in the district, engaged in the initiatives and has years of fiscal understanding of the district. She is the recipe for success for our school board. Her professional human resource experience is the cherry on top.”
– Carrie Reynolds
Yossi & Debbie Neev
Carl Nelson
Chad & Ellen Nelson
Natalie & Keith Newburry
Cindy Newman-Jacobs
Christine & Eelco Niermeijer
Kathy & Nat Norfleet
“In the ten years I have known Carol, she has impressed me with her sharp intellect, high energy, efficiency, integrity, and pure devotion to promoting our kids’ happiness and achievement. Her advocacy on our school board will be a tremendous gift to Laguna Beach students.”
– Karin Riches
Lareine Normandin
Scott Norton
Kim & Ari Novick
Bill Nugent
Theresa & Bill O’Hare
“Carol’s business experience and commitment to community are qualities that make her stand out.”
– Peter Barker
Ken Parker
Michael Pinto
Rick & Evelyn Putnam
Chris Quilter
Patti & Tim Rabun
Dr. Ann Marie Raffo & Coleman Raffo
Barron & Kim Ressler
“My wife Brandi and I have known Carol for years. We know her as a dedicated volunteer at TOW, a very intelligent and a successful business professional and a caring and passionate community member. She always goes out of her way for the right cause.”
– Charlie Hawkins
Mike & Carrie Reynolds
Karin & Steve Riches
Jerry & Stacey Rodgers
Bree Burgess Rosen
Mike Ross
“Proven record of experience and accomplishments, directly on mission for the district.”
– Jeff Elghanayan
Frana Sadler
Jacquie Schaefgen
Regina & Ed Schlatter
Jan Schrieber
Lorna Shaw
Cindy & Bill Shopoff
Patience & Tony Shutts
Debra & Bill Steel
“Carol has intellect and integrity and actively engages both. She is also an involved parent with children in our local district AND one at Orange County School of the Arts. I believe this gives her a particularly broadened view of the challenges facing our administration, educators, and students. Laguna Beach has a very good school district, yet there is always room for improvement. Problem solving and the honest assessment of the status quo is much needed on our School Board. Carol is who we need to help guide LBUSD to greater accomplishment for both the institutions and our children.”
– Bree Burgess Rosen
Christopher & Pam Thurin
Jeff Tyler
Lisa Van Riette
Judy Varga
Felix Veski & Anne Gillelan
Robin & John Walker
Alex & Kathleen Wallstein
“I support Carol because she knows firsthand how the teachers, kids and other parents feel. She is on campus during crunch-time at drop-off and pick-up. She sees the issues. She is in the trenches with the beneficiaries, the kids, and she knows their needs.”
– Piero Wemyss
Kristy & Piero Wemyss
Bob & Kirsten Whalen
Eric & Becky Wills
Holly & David Wilson
Mary Jo & Carl Winefordner
“Carol has integrity!”
– Jon Barber
Greg & Sandra Wolfson
Scott Woodard
Mike & Amy Yoder
Eric & Thasa Zuziak


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