Candidate’s Statement

Name: Carol Normandin

Occupation: LBUSD Parent

I am committed to the well being and education of all of our children in the Laguna Beach Unified School District. Our schools are excellent, and we must work vigilantly to maintain and expand this excellence. Our schools’ academic success, state of the art facilities, athletic programs and award-winning performing arts were all built on a sustained effort over many years by teachers, administrators, elected leaders, local businesses, professionals and the entire community. I am proud to have been an active part of this community, supporting our schools before my oldest child entered kindergarten at Top of the World Elementary.

I will have several priorities as a school board member. First, I want to ensure that all of our students in the District receive the educational opportunities and resources they need and deserve. Second, we must work to retain our excellent team of teachers and look carefully at adding to their ranks, as we need additional academic support. Third, I will ensure that our District remains fiscally strong for the long term and the District’s funds are budgeted in a way that maximizes educational success at all grade levels. The District enjoys an excellent credit rating and has strong reserves, and I will guarantee that both are protected and maintained. Finally, I want to establish LBUSD as one of the best districts in the country in terms of an all-around education based on the whole student concept.

I have the background, experience, and tools needed for this job. First and foremost, I currently have two children in the District’s schools: one in middle school and one in elementary, giving me first-hand insight of what students and families are experiencing throughout their academic career in Laguna Beach. Second, I have an undergraduate degree in Management from Texas A&M University, and I ran my own recruiting business successfully for over a decade. And I have been a passionate advocate for our District for nearly ten years. I recently completed an eight-year volunteer commitment that raised millions of dollars in philanthropic funds that significantly benefitted our District, its teachers and the academic well being of all students in our District.

I ask you for the privilege to make a difference in the education of all of the students in Laguna Beach’s outstanding public schools.