Letter to Friends

Dear Friends:

I am running for election to our School Board this November.  I intend to bring both a wealth of experience and a new voice to the School Board.  With two of my own children in the District’s schools, I offer my first hand understanding of what our children and families experience at school.  I bring my experience as a classroom and on-campus volunteer and my many years of successfully rallying the community to provide private funds to enhance the experience of our students and help our school teachers.  I understand how to build teams, consult, collaborate and lead.  I understand Human Resource issues, procedures and contracts from 17 years of working in the field.  I understand the complexities of running a business, including administrative issues and the need for communication.  Frankly, with our recent loss of Dr. Culverhouse to another district, I view this election as even more important than before!

I believe that it is the people in our district who have made our district successful!  Those people include first and foremost our students, administrators and teachers, but also our parent community and volunteers.  I am committed to strengthening opportunities for excellence for students at every level: in the classroom, on the field of play and on the stage.  I also am committed to transparency in District business affairs.

Those of you who know me will not be surprised that this is my kick-off letter to build a team. So here it goes: now that the campaign season is upon us, I need YOU!  Yes, you knew that was coming.  Please let me know how you will apply your talent I need you and the District needs you!  I cannot do this alone, and for a healthy democracy, you wouldn’t want me to.  We get the governance we are willing to work for.  Give now and I promise to learn, grow and do my absolute best at governing our schools for everyone in our community.  I need a team to get the word out!

In addition, the campaign is costly.  I will work hard to keep the costs down, but I cannot win without money—please don’t forget that most voters in Laguna Beach know nothing about the candidates that are running, their personal background, or their intentions in running for the Board.  So as much as I would rather ask you to donate to a cause, I promise your donation to my campaign will benefit the kids!

Please join me as I carry on our shared mission: to maximize the potential of each student to learn and make a positive contribution to our community by responsibly governing the administration of our schools.


Carol Normandin